Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Final Countdown...

Wow! It feels like this has been one of the longest weeks of my life. There has been so much anticipation for this baby to come I can hardly wait!

He will be here in just two more days!!! This is the only thing I can think about for the last few days. Just today I was thinking and commenting with my husband about how long this little miracle has waited to come into this world! As most of you know by know he was tiny embryo that was frozen for about three years! I am convinced that he really wanted to come to this world and there will be a lot of joy everywhere at his birth! We surely are very excited to welcome him and he is an amazing little person to me already. I feel very strongly about that and feel so privileged to be called his mother!

My husband can testify that for the last few weeks I have been working in my house like crazy! I have painted walls, furniture, got rid of a lot of old and unnecessary items around the house, hanged stuff on the walls, done tones of laundry, folded clothes, and cleaned everything I can think of. I just want my house to look very beautiful and clean to welcome this amazing little person into our home! I think I feel ready now. I just have to finish packing everything. We are heading to the hospital tomorrow. We will drive four hours to get there and we have an scheduled induction on Monday. Please remember us in your prayers so that everything goes well and as planned for "A" and our little miracle baby. We are super excited!

THE NURSERY (I'm so happy about how it turned out)

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