Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Most FAQ's...

In the last couple of months my husband and I decided to be a little more open about sharing our good news. We are so exited about the coming of our little miracle that it just felt hard to enjoy it at its fullest unless we could openly share our happiness with others we know. I've been showered with so much love and good wishes for everyone of us involved in this experience. I am so blessed and grateful for being surrounded by so many amazing people!  I wanted my friends and neighbors to know the how and why about our decision and to feel free to ask any questions about our experience. So, here are my mostly frequently asked questions:


Well, although i do not attempt to answer for her because I am not in her shoes, I can say for a fact that the birth of this miracle baby is going to be a very emotional moment for all of us for a number of reasons, not just the fact that we will be the ones taking this baby home. I am sure there are many of feelings that are going to come to the surface at the time: happiness, gratitude, and immense love. To better explain this situation I pictured myself  babysitting one of my friends baby for a period of nine months; knowing that his mom will be back and take him home. Although I know that day will come, I'm sure I will still feel sad when he is gone because I got used to having him around even though I knew it was just for a while. However, as much as I care for him I know I will not attempt to keep him because I know he belongs with his family. But, I will love to stay in touch and know how he is doing. "A" explained her feelings so much more eloquently than I ever could in one of her posts. Click here to read it!

2. HOW DO GESTATIONAL SURROGATES GET PREGNANT? A gestational surrogacy requires the transfer of a previously created embryo, and for this reason the process always takes place in a clinical setting. An embryo is an organism in the early stages of development, in other words, an already fertilized egg and sperm. In our particular case, because we did IVF (In-vitro fertilization), this embryo was artificially fertilized in a lab and was about five days old and frozen for almost three years at the time of transfer. A variety of fertility medications are also given to make this type of pregnancies work.

3. IS SURROGACY LEGAL IN THE STATE OF UT? Yes, surrogacy is legal in the state of Utah. However, as opposed to other states, in the state of UT we are required to present medical verification that we, (or me, in this particular case) are not able to carry a pregnancy. In other words, the courts will not allow you to utilize a gestational surrogate just because you are avoiding getting pregnant. This process most of the time requires the use of an attorney to be able to file all paperwork with the courts prior to embryo transfer.

4. WHAT IS THE GENDER OF THE BABY AND WHEN IS THE DUE DATE? This amazing miracle baby is a boy. The official due date is December 20th, but due to us being about four hours away and not willing to miss his birth for anything in this world, we have an estimated induction date of December 16th. 

We can't be more grateful, excited, and nervous to witness this miracle take place only about ten days from today. I can't wait to meet my little guy and see his cute little face!

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