Thursday, September 26, 2013

Into the third trimester - 28 Weeks...

This week I drove 4 hours again for our 28 week appointment. This marks the beginning of the third trimester. I can't believe the time is approaching so quickly now. Our appointments are going to be every two weeks now. With the holidays approaching it feels like baby will here very soon! 

During our appointment I got to hear the baby's heartbeat one more time. It is always exciting and comforting to know he is healthy. We also found out that baby is measuring 30 weeks already. I think this baby is going to be big like my little "K" when she was born! They gotta to be my husband's genes! Apparently he has also inherited my husband's appetite.  As I like to say, my husband eats only once a day, yep, all day long (lol) :-)

To make things even more exciting this past weekend I got my first baby gifts. My wonderful mother in law and my sister in law who was visiting from out of state gave me the most adorable baby boy clothes! They are the cutest thing I have seen! I can't be more excited for this baby to come. I can hardly wait!